Book CoverSecurity Risk Management: Building an Information Security Risk Management Program from the Ground Up

ISBN: 9781597496155
Pages: 360
Publisher: Syngress
Publication Date: May 2011
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The goal of Security Risk Management is to teach you practical techniques that will be used on a daily basis, while also explaining the fundamentals so you understand the rationale behind these practices. Security professionals often fall into the trap of telling the business that they need to fix something, but they can't explain why. This book will help you to break free from the so-called "best practices" argument by articulating risk exposures in business terms. You will learn techniques for how to perform risk assessments for new IT projects, how to efficiently manage daily risk activities, and how to qualify the current risk level for presentation to executive level management. While other books focus entirely on risk analysis methods, this is the first comprehensive guide for managing security risks.

  • Includes case studies to provide hands-on experience using risk assessment tools to calculate the costs and benefits of any security investment
  • Explores each phase of the risk management lifecycle, focusing on policies and assessment processes that should be used to properly assess and mitigate risk
  • Presents a roadmap for designing and implementing a security risk management program


Part I - Introduction to Risk Management
Chapter 1. The Security Evolution
Chapter 2. Risky Business
Chapter 3. The Risk Management Lifecycle
Chapter 4. Risk Profiling

Part II - Risk Assessment and Analysis Techniques
Chapter 5. Formulating a Risk
Chapter 6. Risk Exposure Factors
Chapter 7. Security Controls and Services
Chapter 8. Risk Evaluation and Mitigation Strategies
Chapter 9. Reports and Consulting
Chapter 10. Risk Assessment Techniques

Part III - Building and Running a Risk Management Program
Chapter 11. Threat and Vulnerability Management
Chapter 12. Security Risk Reviews
Chapter 13. A Blueprint for Security
Chapter 14. Building a Program from Scratch

Appendix A: Security Risk Profile
Appendix B: Risk Models and Scales
Appendix C: Architectural Risk Analysis Reference Tables

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Diagrams from Book

Figure 3.1 Risk Management Workflow (JPG) (PDF)

Figure 8.1 Risk Exception Workflow (JPG) (PDF)

Figure 12.1 Security Risk Review Workflow (JPG) (PDF)

Figure 13.1 Architecture Risk Analysis Workflow (JPG) (PDF)