Digital Forensic Resources

There are so many resources available for digital forensic investigators on the Internet, but so far there has been no central site to consolidate references to them all. Each individual professional, researcher, or vendor has compiled their own list specific to their interests, and maybe even provided some resources of their own.

This site is an attempt at consolidating all these references and categorizing them so that an investigator can easily find valuable digital forensic resources for training, certification, technical tips, recent publications, software tools, hardware tools, etc. This site is the compilation of the various resources our investigation team has found useful over the years or have been recommended by colleagues in the industry. Additional suggestions for content are always welcome.

This site is organized by subject into the following categories:

Download the latest addition to the site, my Forensic Readiness Checklist (PDF). This two page checklist is a condensed version of a typical readiness assessment. Each question has been mapped to a maturity level to help an organization rate how they compare to industry standards. This is in the early stages of development and we welcome feedback.

Lastest Update: Added new boot cd and online tool references on the Hardware & Software Tool Resources page on March 25, 2009. We are constantly adding new references to valuable resources, so check back often.

If you are interested in adding a link to this web page, please submit an e-mail with your suggested link to the site administrator at The Ossie-Group reserves the right to decline postings of URL's that are not relevant to this website.