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What a Busy Month!

Saturday, October 17th, 2009

October is turning out to be quite the busy month.  I just finished a presentation for SANS on Digital Forensics at the Holyoke Community College’s first Internet Security Awareness Conference yesterday.  We even got a few seconds of local news coverage on Channel 22 in Springfield.  If you squint really hard during the news clip, you can see me on the stage (in the dark) presenting a slide on Mobile Forensic Arsenals.

Next week I am doing a webcast with SANS on how to use risk management techniques to better manage vulnerability remediation efforts.  This is my first webcast with SANS, so I hope that it will be well attended.  It is free after all.  I wrote a brief blog article for Akibia earlier this week to introduce the topic and stir up some more interest:  Improving Vulnerability & Patch Management.

As if that wasn’t enough for one month, I will be presenting as part of the Risk Management Summit at the CSI Conference in Maryland on October 26th.  I will be participating in the panel discussion and also presenting a short discussion about How to Build a Risk Management Program from Scratch.  It is essential for any security professional to understand how a risk model can become the center of a mature information security program.  Attendees will learn how to build a Risk Management Program from scratch and the fundamental components that are required for a holistic approach.  This session will also demonstrate how to successfully approach integrating it into your environment with minimal resistance.

That same week, I am organizing an evening of free sales training focused on skills for security consultants, A Crash Course in Security Consulting.  As part of SANS’ commitment to sponsoring free educational sessions for the infosec community, they will be providing some great speakers and a hands-on excerpt from their SEC 560 Network Penetration Testing & Ethical Hacking course.  If that isn’t enough, we will have some sales training experts presenting, and beer and appetizers will be provided.  You can’t get much better than free food and training!  I think this will be a very valuable session for aspiring and current consultants in the field.  Especially those of you who are going out on your own.

I think that just about does it for this month.  Luckily I am finishing up my class at Northeastern next week, otherwise I don’t know when I would sleep …